Comment Letters, Reports & Analysis

Joint Comments on Offshore Wind Proposed Sale Notice (8/1/2022)

Joint Comments on Nordic Aquafarms Special Permit and Coastal Development Permit (7/27/2022)

Scoping Comments for Craftsman Mall Student Housing Project (7/25/2022)

Comment Letter on Draft McKinleyville Town Center Ordinance (6/23/2022)

Joint Comment Letter on Arcata Gateway Area Plan Review Process (4/19/2022)

Joint Comments on Proposed Eureka Housing Element Amendments (4/8/2022)

Joint Letter on Climate Mitigation Measures for McKay Subdivision (3/31/2022)

Joint Letter Requesting Consideration of a Pilot Program Providing Free Bus Passes to Vulnerable Communities (3/15/2022)

Joint Comments on Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report for Gateway Area Plan and Arcata General Plan Update (3/4/2022)

Joint Comments on Nordic Aquafarms Draft Environmental Impact Report (2/18/2022)

Joint Comments with EPIC and 350 Humboldt on Cal Poly Humboldt Draft Climate Action Plan 2.0 (2/8/2022)

Letter with NEC and Humboldt Baykeeper in Support of Safe Parking in Eureka (12/14/2021)

Initial Comments on Draft Arcata Gateway Area Plan (12/13/2021)

Initial Comments on Draft Humboldt County Countywide Climate Action Plan (11/17/2021)

Comments on Draft McKinleyville Town Center Ordinance (11/15/2021)

Comments on McKay Subdivision Partially Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (11/11/2021)

Comments on Draft Humboldt County Regional Transportation Plan, 2021 Update (11/5/2021)

Letter to Surface Transportation Board in Support of Immediate Railbanking for the Great Redwood Trail (9/13/2021)

Elephants in the Road: Arcata Near-Term Implementation Guide – Prepared by HSU Environmental Science & Management Senior Jaclyn Taylor (7/15/2021)

Comments on Nordic AquaFarms Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (5/24/2021)

Pedaling on Water: How Humboldt County Can Collaboratively Adapt Its Regional Trail System for Sea Level Rise and Encourage Sustainable Forms of Transportation – A Senior Practicum Report by HSU Environmental Science & Management Students for CRTP & Humboldt Baykeeper

2021 Transportation Attitudes Survey: General Summary of Findings

Summary of Findings: Gender

Summary of Findings: Race/Ethnicity

Summary of Findings: Disability

Summary of Findings: Age

Summary of Findings: Income

Appendix: Survey Questions

Comments on Bay-to-Zoo Trail Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (4/26/2021)

Comments on Proposed Revisions to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (4/15/2021)

Comments on California’s Draft Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (4/15/2021)

Identification of Specific Near-Term Safety Improvements for Broadway (3/3/2021)

Comments on Draft Del Norte Regional Transportation Plan (1/19/2021)

Final Comment Letter on Broadway Multimodal Corridor Plan (1/4/2021)

Letter on Near-Term Improvements to Broadway (11/3/2020)

Statement on Vehicular Attacks on People Protesting (9/25/2020)

**New Report: Elephants in the Road: How Climate Chaos, the Safety Crisis, and the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles Will Shape the Future of Humboldt County’s Transportation System, and What We Need to Do About It (8/24/2020)**

Humboldt County Vehicle Miles Traveled Program Comment Letter (8/13/2020)

Second Comment Letter on Broadway Corridor Planning (8/7/2020)

Comments on Humboldt County Mobility-on-Demand Strategic Development Plan Draft Final Report (7/3/2020)

Second Comment Letter on McKay Subdivision Draft Environmental Impact Report (6/29/2020)

Results of Countywide Survey on COVID-19 Street Changes (6/26/2020)

Eureka Survey Results

Arcata Survey Results

Unincorporated Humboldt County Survey Results

Comments on McKay Subdivision Draft Environmental Impact Report (6/22/2020)

Letter Regarding Broadway Corridor Multimodal Planning (3/24/2020)

Comments on 101 Safety Corridor Permit Amendment (2/7/2020)

Comments on Creek Side Homes Draft Environmental Impact Report (8/9/2019)

Comments on Eureka-Arcata Route 101 Corridor Improvement Project (7/31/2019)

Comments on Isackson’s Affordable Housing Project (6/4/2019)

Comments on Proposed Humboldt County General Plan Housing Element (4/26/2019)

Comments on Proposed Humboldt County Zoning Text Amendments (3/15/2019)

Comments on Proposed 4th Street “Safety Upgrade” in Eureka (10/26/2018)

Comments on Environmental Assessment for Proposed Trinidad Rancheria Hotel (10/16/2018)

Comments on Eureka General Plan Update Draft Environmental Impact Report (7/12/2018)

Comments on Eureka North-South Multimodal Corridor Plan Initial Design Concepts (4/20/2018)

Letter of Support for SB 1029, the Great Redwood Trail Act (3/22/2018)

Comments on County Pedestrian Facility Standards (1/19/2018)

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