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Our Mission

The mission of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities (CRTP) is to promote transportation solutions that protect and support a healthy environment, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy economy on the North Coast.

Our Vision

CRTP envisions a North Coast region with vibrant local communities where walking, biking, public transit, and other socially and environmentally positive modes of transportation are the norm. We are passionate about creating a world where these modes are equitable, safe and comfortable for people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, income levels, genders, ages and abilities. We believe that we urgently need mode shift to effectively address climate change, equity and safety in our community.

  • We advocate to local governments—for investments and policies that support safe transit, pedestrian and bicycling networks for everybody.
  • We speak out about the climate crisis and the urgent need to design our transportation systems for the public good.
  • We recognize power disparities drawn along the lines of income-level, ability, race, ethnicity, culture, age and gender, and are dedicated to a vision of social justice and human rights for all people using all modes of transportation.
  • We provide resources in the form of planning, capacity-building, technical support and best practices for reducing harm on our public roadways.
  • We partner with respected local organizations, agencies, public leaders and advocates to pursue equitable access to our public spaces, our places of business, our homes and our natural beauty.
  • We mobilize the public to advocate in their own communities to make accessible, sociable public spaces.
  • We connect our community—as the only local non-profit organization on the North Coast solely committed to researching, planning and advocating transportation solutions, we strive to build a more equitable, connected place for all.

Land Acknowledgement

CRTP is located in Goudi’ni (Arcata) on Wiyot land. Ancestral Wiyot lands range from Plhut Gasamuli’m (Little River) in the north to Tsakiyuwit (Bear River Ridge) in the south, from Shou’r (Pacific Ocean) in the west to the first set of qus (hills/mountains) to the east. Waterways in the ancestral lands of Wiyot people include Baduwa’t (Mad River), Hikshari’ (Elk River), Wiya’t (Eel River), and Girrughurralilh (Van Duzen River).

As an organization focused on transportation, CRTP acknowledges that many of today’s roads and highways follow traditional Indigenous travelways, and also that the development and “improvement” of local transportation systems in the nineteenth century were inextricably tied up with the abuse and genocide of local Indigenous Peoples by White settlers. We also acknowledge that significant transportation inequities continue to impact Indigenous communities today, including a lack of adequate infrastructure and disproportionate rates of pedestrians and bicyclists killed by vehicles. We further acknowledge, as we strive to reduce the impacts of our transportation system on the local and global environment, that the environment itself is a legacy of the careful stewardship of Indigenous Peoples over the course of millennia.

We pledge to listen to Indigenous Peoples as we strive to improve our transportation systems and address historic and ongoing inequities. We pledge to work with Indigenous Peoples to ensure positive outcomes whenever our actions may impact culturally important resources. In all of our work, we pledge to respect the special relationship of Indigenous Peoples with the land in their historic territories, as well as the ongoing right of Indigenous Peoples to sovereignty and self-determination.

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