Trails, Infill and Zoning – Oh My!

The Collector

April 12, 2019

North Coast Railroad Authority Finally Settles Lawsuits
At long last, the NCRA has given up its quixotic quest to revive the railroad and avoid environmental scrutiny. Its Board now claims to be gung-ho about a transition to a Great Redwood Trail authority. Meanwhile, committees in the state legislature are moving forward budget amendments that would allocate $3 million to help carry out the transition.

Eureka Zoning Code Update Proposes Big Changes
Following up on the new General Plan, city staff are proposing a new zoning code with lots of incentives for infill development and a significant shift in focus away from car-centric planning and toward more accommodation of pedestrian, bike and bus modes. The city’s Planning Commission had been scheduled to hold a first hearing on the new code this week, but that hearing has been delayed until April 23rd.

The Village is Back
The latest iteration of the Arcata infill housing project (we lost count of the number of versions it’s been through a long time ago) seems to come in under Arcata Mayor Brett Watson’s previously stated limit of about 600 beds. Will he and the rest of the Council finally give it their stamp of approval? If built, the project could boost Arcata’s walkability quite a bit.

Can We Have Dense Mixed-Use Development in Unincorporated Communities?
Last week, the Humboldt County Planning Commission discussed rural and wild land zoning regulation changes. Next week, they’re discussing mixed use zoning in urban and small-town areas. Meanwhile, the County has planned a new round of public workshops on its Housing Element update.

County Economic Development Summit Planned for Next Week
Guess what will be a major topic of conversation? Transportation, of course.

Learn About the Health Benefits of Biking – In Spanish and English
The event is happening this weekend in Fortuna.

CRTP Seeks New Board Members
Could one of them be you?

Co-op Promotes Shopping by Bike
Full disclosure: CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske is also the current President of the North Coast Co-op. But he swears he didn’t know anything about this super-cool article until it was published.

More on Congestion Pricing and Equity
It’s a tricky subject, given that low-income communities and communities of color are less likely to be served by high-quality public transit – but more likely to ride it. Still, everyone seems to be converging on an agreement that something like congestion pricing is necessary in many cities.

Quantifying Improvements to Public Spaces
It’s possible!

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