People Want A Safer Broadway, But Await A Drive-Thru Restaurant

The Collector

November 15, 2019

McKinleyville Town Center Meeting Heavily Attended
The meeting on Wednesday, held jointly by the County planning department and the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee, asked residents what they want to see in the future town center. The number one answer? Walkability!

Creek Side Homes Project Sent to City Council
The Arcata Planning Commission (again) held a hearing on the housing project on the western edge of the city and (again) voted to move it on to the Council. You can read CRTP’s comments on the project here.

Eureka Residents Want a Prettier, Safer Broadway
But project planners are looking to get “congestion relief” funds, which historically has meant bigger, uglier, more dangerous roads (and more of them). Let’s hope that’s not where this is headed.

Meanwhile, More Car-Oriented Restaurants Are Almost Open on That Same Roadway
Local media report breathlessly on the progress. The irony of a new development designed to bring more cars to Broadway at the same time as the city hears concerns about the road’s safety for bicyclists and pedestrians seems largely unnoticed.

Watch Out for Livestock
More drivers have been hitting livestock in Humboldt lately, and law enforcement is putting the public on notice that they intend to crack down.

McKinleyville Skateboarders Get Money for a Park
Skateboarding is active transportation too!

Coast Guard Has Plans for Humboldt Bay Bar
Local marine transportation would be affected.

Weekly Street Story Update: Valley West
Every (non-highway) route in and out of the Valley West neighborhood in Arcata has been reported as hazardous on Street Story. This isn’t news to those who live there, and planning is under way to improve connectivity through a portion of the planned Annie and Mary Trail. But more improvements are needed to Giuntoli Lane and other streets to make it a safe and comfortable environment for bicyclists and pedestrians. You can make your Street Story report here.

Why Does Everyone Bike in Copenhagen?
The simple answer: because they made it more convenient.

Cities Around the World Grapple With Car Problems
A good summary of recent efforts in major world cities.

Norway Takes Serious Steps Toward a Zero-Emission Port
Perhaps the North Coast should take note.

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Broadway, Town Center, Housing: A Very Busy Wednesday for Humboldt Transportation Planning

The Collector

November 8, 2019

Public Meeting Next Wednesday About Improving Broadway…
Details about the plans are sketchy so far, with public statements focused on making Broadway “easier to travel,” providing “additional transportation choices,” and “reducing congestion.” Will this mean adding to the nightmare with more lanes and more speeding cars, or making the corridor safe and comfortable enough for walking and biking that some people might actually want to do that?

…And About McKinleyville Town Center…
On the same night as the Broadway meeting, the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee will hold its first official Town Center planning meeting. This will kick off the process of developing a county ordinance which could actually move the concept of a walkable town center from long-awaited dream to legal reality.

…And About Eureka Housing Element!
Also on Wednesday night, the City of Eureka Planning Commission will be holding a hearing on the city’s proposed General Plan Housing Element, a state-required document that guides the future location and amount of housing in the city. (Which of course helps determine where and how people travel.)

Changes Coming to Long-Distance Bus Service in Humboldt
A special guest post for CRTP provides the inside scoop on potential improvements to Amtrak-affiliated bus service on the North Coast.

Mobility-on-Demand Meetings Talk Transit – and Much More
At a series of meetings held by the Humboldt County Association of Governments on Thursday, attendees heard from consultants developing a “mobility-on-demand strategic development plan” for the county and provided input on priorities. The focus was on providing more convenient mobility for those with limited transportation access and bringing more riders into the existing bus system. The overall impact on the amount of driving in the county remains to be seen.

Weekly Street Story Update: Blue Lake Rancheria
People have been reporting hazards, collisions and near misses on and around the Blue Lake Rancheria. Reports are the first step to effective safety improvements! You can make your Street Story report here.

State Offering Money for “Clean Mobility”; Local Meeting Scheduled
A workshop is scheduled for November 22nd in Blue Lake to discuss a new state program that will offer grant money for “bikeshare, electric carshare, electric vanpool, and other zero-emissions shared mobility projects in disadvantaged and low-income communities around the state.”

State Officials Meet in Del Norte
The press from the meeting was all about Last Chance Grade – a critical project for the regional transportation system. But state transportation commissioners also heard about the long-running attempt by Caltrans and local officials to widen and straighten Highways 199 and 197 along the Smith River to allow interstate-sized trucks to drive that winding mountain route. And they heard from local critics (which includes CRTP) who oppose the project as an unsafe boondoggle.

State Task Force Looks at Speed Limits, Road Design
Will the long and winding road to change ever lead to slower, safer streets?

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State Officials Coming to Del Norte for Transportation Meeting

The Collector

November 1, 2019

Special Meeting About Arcata Plaza Next Week
The City Council will hold a “study session” with the Plaza Improvement Task Force on Monday. This is one of the last and best chances for the public to ask for a more pedestrian-friendly Plaza before official recommendations come to the Council in the next month or two.

Big Names in Del Norte for Transportation Commission Meeting
The California Transportation Commission will be holding a meeting in Crescent City next Wednesday. Participants will include Congressman Jared Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire, and Assemblymember Jim Wood. There’s a morning tour of Last Chance Grade and parts of Highway 199, a 2pm town hall, and a “community meeting” about Last Chance Grade at 6pm.

Humboldt Mobility-on-Demand Meetings Next Week
Special public meetings to provide updates and get public input on the ongoing development of a local Mobility-on-Demand Strategic Plan will be held on Thursday in Eureka.

Eureka City Council to Consider Rolling Back Parking Restrictions
Some local businesses have complained about the two-hour restrictions in parts of downtown. The Council may remove them. Making free public car storage even easier should definitely be at the top of our local government agenda, right?

Public Workshops on County Law Mother-in-Law Unit Ordinance
Humboldt County’s proposed law on “accessory dwelling units” (ADUs) is the subject of several upcoming public workshops. ADUs are one of the easiest ways to add density to existing single-family neighborhoods – and thus improve walkability, bikability, and transit.

Weekly Street Story Update: Crashes & Near Misses
Research suggests that a location where near misses are reported is more likely to be the site of a future crash. Here, we highlight a relatively minor intersection in Arcata – LK Wood Blvd and Hiddencreek Rd – where two near misses have been reported in Street Story, but no crashes have yet been reported (nor are there any in the state’s official collision data). This is an example of the importance of Street Story reports – in places like this, they could allow officials to intervene with safety improvements before a crash occurs. You can make your Street Story report here.

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Deaths Increase Again
Overall traffic fatalities are down nationally, but the most vulnerable road users are hit and killed at alarming rates. Many officials continue to blame the victims.

Civility, Inclusiveness and Other Good Reasons to Walk
Walking: it’s not just for exercise and greenhouse gas reduction! Plus, walkable neighborhoods increase economic mobility for kids!

Auto Industry Divided Over Fuel Economy Rules
The Trump administration is trying to rescind California’s long-established authority to enforce stricter fuel economy standards than the federal government. While some big automakers are supporting California in the fight, another group just declared support for Trump.

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Housing Over Parking in Eureka?

The Collector

October 25, 2019

Housing Over Parking in Eureka?
The city is considering plans to replace some parking lots with new housing, and to leave some lots in place but build elevated housing on top. Here at CRTP, our priorities always put housing over parking.

Arcata Affordable Infill Housing Project Approved
At the Arcata Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, Commissioners approved the Isackson’s affordable housing project at 7th & I Streets, just a block south of the Plaza. With limited parking and a number of bike, pedestrian and transit amenities, this may be the first truly non-car-oriented housing project in the area. At the same meeting, Commissioners considered the Creekside Homes mixed senior living/residential subdivision in the Foster Ave area and heard significant concerns from existing residents about how the proposed changes would affect bike and pedestrian safety. In the end, they forwarded the project to the City Council for consideration.

County Taking Comments on Parking Crater Plans
The initial environmental documents for the downtown Eureka parking crater – errr, that is, the “4th Street Property Acquisition and Development Project” – are now available and open for public comment.

Settlement Will Address Road Runoff
One of the many environmental impacts of roads is the runoff that ends up in local waterways, damaging aquatic life. A long-awaited settlement between Humboldt County and Friends of the Eel River will require some road fixes to address runoff concerns in two sensitive watersheds.

Another Crash on Broadway
Everyone’s favorite local car-maggedon roadway experiences another collision.

Latest Humboldt Bay Bike Commuters Newsletter Is Out
Find out more at their regular meeting next week.

Rails and Trails
The Timber Heritage Association still wants to save the rails around the Bay.

Weekly Street Story Update: Old Arcata Road
Multiple reports have identified long stretches of Bayside/Old Arcata Road/Samoa Blvd as hazardous areas. Some of these areas are already targeted for safety improvements. Will they make the difference? You can make your Street Story report here.

San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee Meets Next Week
What’s that have to do with us up here on the North Coast? Well, it turns out that our Amtrak bus connection is under their jurisdiction, and improvements to that service following signing of SB 742 may be up for discussion.

SUVs are Killing Climate Goals…
…and people.

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Governor Vetoes Complete Streets Bill

The Collector

October 18, 2019

Newsom Says No to Complete Streets
At the 11th hour, the governor vetoed SB 127, which would have required Caltrans to add bike, pedestrian and transit improvements when they did major maintenance or repair to state highways which function as local roads. Which, of course, many of them do on the North Coast. Newsom repeated previous Caltrans arguments against the bill, namely: (a) We’re already doing that, we swear! (b) It would add too much cost to projects. News flash: both of those things can’t be true. The fact is that Caltrans often ignores its supposed complete streets policies and is not moving nearly fast enough to retrofit state roads for active transportation – particularly in light of the joint safety and climate crisis facing the state and the globe.

Planning Commission Discusses Rezoning
Last night, the Humboldt County Planning Commission considered changes to the countywide zoning map intended to implement the 2017 General Plan update. CRTP is advocating for more mixed use zoning in McKinleyville. If there’s not a critical mass of mixed-use-zoned property, it’s unlikely the community will succeed in its goal of creating a walkable, pedestrian-oriented town center.

Unmet Transit Needs Hearings Continue
The annual process of soliciting public input on unmet transit needs in Humboldt County continued this week with hearings at the Board of Supervisors and Humboldt County Association of Governments Board meetings. It’s not too late to submit your input! There are hearings next week in Fortuna and Blue Lake and at the Humboldt Transit Authority offices in Eureka, and you can also submit comments in writing. Details here.

Task Force Continues Plaza Deliberations
The Arcata Plaza Improvement Task Force held its monthly meeting this week. The main item on the agenda was a discussion of how to “refine” the rankings of recommendations and implementation options, some of which seemed to not exactly match up. Whether or not the city will eventually pedestrianize any part of the Plaza is one of the key questions. On November 4th, the Task Force meets with the full City Council for a public study session.

Weekly Street Story Update
6th and 7th Streets are emerging as particular problem areas in Street Story reports from Eureka. Just in the short stretch from G to J Street, 5 collisions and 7 near misses have been reported so far. You can make your Street Story report here.

New Proposal for “Regional Express” Transit Service in Bay Area
Advocacy group TransForm released a proposal for an extensive bus rapid transit system in the San Francisco Bay Area this week, filling in gaps in the existing transit system with a high-frequency service relying on bus-only lanes for quick and reliable transportation.

Auto Emissions, Road by Road
The New York Times published an interactive map showing pinpoint emission locations. Highway 101 lights up the North Coast.

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Five Crashes in a Day: Business as Usual in Eureka

The Collector

October 11, 2019

Car-Free Streets? It Can Be Done!
San Francisco is moving ahead with a plan to dramatically improve bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure on Market Street – one of the city’s busiest – including making some blocks completely car-free. Which reminds us: the Arcata Plaza Improvement Task Force meets again next week to consider recommendations for making the currently car-dominated Plaza area a safer, more environmentally friendly, and more welcoming space. If San Francisco can do it to Market Street…

Five Crashes in One Day: Business as Usual
With the power out, police reported five collisions on Highway 101 in Eureka on Wednesday, a number that’s “considered in line with city crime statistics.” Yikes. Meanwhile, people struggled to get gas for their cars with no electricity to operate pumps and other equipment. You know who didn’t struggle to get gas? People walking and riding their bikes.

Newsom Signs Amtrak Bus Bill
The governor signed SB 742 this week, which allows Amtrak to run buses independently from its train service. Of local interest: Humboldt County residents heading south may soon be able to skip Bay Area congestion by taking the twice-daily Amtrak Thruway Bus from Humboldt and connecting in Santa Rosa to a SMART train south to the Bay. It’s still unclear where the transfer would take place, but SMART’s North Santa Rosa (Airport) Station is only 1/4 mile from the present bus route.

Weekly Street Story Update: The Friendly City
There have been several reports made from Fortuna since Street Story debuted in Humboldt in June. The intersection of Kenmar Rd, Ross Hill Rd and Business Route 101 seems to be emerging as a particular problem area. You can make your Street Story report here.

“Cars Are Death Machines. Self-Driving Tech Won’t Change That.”
Enough said. Read it for yourself.

Could a Successful Climate Lawsuit Herald the End of the Caltrans Freeway-Building Era?
Cross your fingers.

Speaking of Which…
Another report confirms that too much driving is keeping California from meeting its greenhouse gas reduction goals. This is a crisis, people.

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We Need More Housing. But Where Should It Go?

The Collector

October 4, 2019

What’s That Project For Again?
At the California Transportation Commission meeting next week, Commissioners will vote on allocations of funding for the “safety corridor” improvement project on Highway 101 between Arcata and Eureka. Although much of the attention on this project has centered on the Indianola interchange, it contains a number of other components too, including lengthening acceleration and deceleration lanes. Interestingly, the purpose of that portion of the project – according to the CTC agenda packet – is not to improve safety, but to reduce vehicle delays. Hmmm. Also on next week’s agenda is a request for a time extension for building an electric vehicle charging station in Willow Creek.

And Is Humboldt Done Paying for It?
Meanwhile, the Humboldt County Association of Governments is hoping Caltrans will pick up the increased tab for the corridor project. The county has allocated all of its State Transportation Improvement Program funds to the project for years, and HCAOG isn’t interested in promising future money too.

Times-Standard: If Arcata Won’t Build Student Housing, Eureka Should
An editorial clearly calling out Arcata’s resistance to building The Village student housing project suggests that Eureka can build housing and “they can ride the bus to campus.” It’s a nice thought, and there should absolutely be more housing in Eureka – and more investment in our bus system – but it still makes more sense for HSU students to be housed closer to campus, where walking and biking are options too.

Eureka Commission to Talk Parking
The city’s Transportation Safety Commission will discuss requests to remove time limits in part of downtown and establish a pilot residential permit program near Eureka High School. Maybe if they remove time limits downtown they should add meters, too. It seems high time to stop subsidizing private vehicles with so much valuable public space.

Hearing Scheduled for Sidewalk on Broadway
Caltrans is applying for a Coastal Development Permit from the City of Eureka to build a sidewalk along Broadway south of the Lithia car dealership. This is part of an area that has been a hot spot for pedestrian collisions in recent years. The hearing is scheduled for 10 am on October 15 at City Hall.

Weekly Street Story Update
Of the 424 Street Story reports made for far in Humboldt County (at the time of this writing), 166 of them are in the unincorporated county, 149 are in Eureka, and 88 are in Arcata. In the unincorporated county, the greatest concentration of reports is in the areas near Eureka and Arcata, as well as in McKinleyville. You can make your Street Story report here.

NACTO Takes On New Forms of Mobility
The National Association of City Transportation Officials has released new guidelines for regulating “micromobility” options such as e-scooters, as well as autonomous vehicles.

In California, Will Every Road Be an Autobahn?
Some analysts say that the legal arguments the Trump administration is making to try to invalidate California’s fuel economy standards would have much broader effects, including invalidating speed limits all over the state.

No New Federal Transportation Funding
Transportation for America and Smart Growth America are now officially calling for no new federal investment in the “broken” transportation system until the many problems with that system are addressed.

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McKinleyville Town Center Inches Closer to Reality

The Collector

September 27, 2019

Shifting Recommendations from Plaza Task Force?
Last month, the Arcata Plaza Improvement Task Force ranked possible recommendations to the City Council and ended up with a list that included a lot of improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure – including closing some areas to cars. At its meeting this week, the Task Force unveiled the rankings of specific implementation measures. Several improvements for bikes, pedestrians, and buses were highly ranked. However, in apparent contrast with the prior recommendations, the highly ranked implementation measures also seemed to call for increased parking off the Plaza and no changes at all to the parking and driving areas that dominate the Plaza itself. The conversation will continue at the Task Force’s next meeting and an upcoming City Council study session. Stay tuned.

McKinleyville Town Center Inches Closer to Reality
At its meeting this week, the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee discussed how to move forward in coordination with County planning staff to develop an ordinance implementing the long-envisioned McKinleyville town center. That process will likely begin within the next month or two, and there will be at least a few opportunities for more public input. The design of the future town center – and the pattern of development around it – will play a huge role in determining transportation choices in the county largest unincorporated community.

The Climate Action Plan and Active Transportation
Humboldt County’s Climate Action Plan coordinator (and CRTP Board member) Connor McGuigan was the guest on this week’s edition of Happy Trails on KHUM. He talked about how the Plan will try to increase walking, biking and transit use in the county, and how the public can get involved.

Trucker’s Parade Rescued by Rex
Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Governor Newsom signed SB 210 and SB 44 this week, which will subject trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles to smog checks for the first time and require the state to come up with a comprehensive strategy for reducing their emissions. Maybe it’s time for a bike parade.

Organizations Ask Newsom to Sign Caltrans Complete Streets Bill
The bill could have a big impact on the North Coast, where state highways act as main streets in many communities.

North Country Fair Bike Valet a Success
Despite Sunday’s rain, CRTP provided free bike valet services for more than 70 people over the weekend at the annual North Country Fair.

Visitor from Redding Loves the Fact That Eureka’s Downtown Isn’t a Parking Lot
It’s an interestingly timed commentary, given recent choices by the City Council and Board of Supervisors.

Weekly Street Story Update: Is Safety in the Eye of the Beholder?
In addition to hazards, collisions and near misses, safe places can also be reported on Street Story. However, only 5 of the 417 reports received so far have been for safe spots. One such location reported as safe by a user is the intersection of 2nd and F Streets in Old Town Eureka. But only half a block away on F Street, a collision has also been reported. More reports will likely be needed to get a better sense of what makes people (feel) safe or unsafe in this area. You can make your Street Story report here.

Trump EPA Blocks Fuel Economy Rules, Threatens Punishment for Bad Air Quality
As the climate crisis grows and tailpipe emissions increase nationwide, the US Environmental Protection Agency has moved to block California from imposing stricter fuel economy standards. (The state has had the right to impose such standards since the federal Clean Air Act was passed decades ago, and is now suing to keep it.) Meanwhile, the EPA has also singled out California for not meeting federal air quality standards and threatened to punish the state by withholding…wait for it…highway funding! How ironic it would be if, through its own twisted political machinations, the Trump administration forced dirtier cars on the state and then kept the state from maintaining the roads for them to drive on.

Don’t Drive – Organize!
If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – electric vehicles are great, but we still need to drive a lot less.

Can Smaller Cities Get to Zero Traffic Deaths?
A lot of them are certainly trying.

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Eureka Makes Some Car-Friendly Decisions

The Collector

September 20, 2019

Eureka City Council Gives Its Blessing to That Parking Lot…
According to the City Council, demolishing affordable housing downtown to build a parking lot (and maybe eventually a County building on top of it) is totally in line with the city’s new General Plan. Which was supposed to encourage denser housing and active transportation in the city’s core. Hmm.

…And That Fast Food Traffic Signal
The Eureka City Council also gave final approval this week to paying for a traffic signal to serve new fast food restaurants on Broadway. In other words, the city is subsidizing one of the most car-centered land uses possible.

Bike to the Climate Strike (and the North Country Fair!)
There are at least two local rallies to mark today’s international climate strike. CRTP volunteers will be providing bike valet for the Eureka rally. After all, driving is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions locally and nationally. We’ll also be providing bike valet all weekend at the North Country Fair. So wherever you go this weekend, ride your bike (or walk or take the bus)!

HCAOG Board “Relieved” About Corridor Project Cost Increase
As we reported two weeks ago, Caltrans is now projecting major cost increases for the Highway 101 “safety corridor” project, at least in part because of a major oversight in engineering the proposed Indianola interchange. The agency initially projected a cost increase of almost $35 million, but now says it will only cost $20 million more – and says it will pay for the increase with state money. Apparently that was enough for the Humboldt County Association of Governments to send a lukewarm letter expressing “relief” that things aren’t any worse.

Annual Unmet Transit Needs Hearings Under Way
If you have an unmet transit need, let local transportation planners know at one of the public hearings around the county over the next few weeks or online. The McKinleyville hearing next week will also include a discussion of the future town center!

Another Driver Hits Another Pedestrian on Broadway
The person walking was said to have “major injuries.” As one commenter on this article noted: “It seems like we’ve reached the threshold of accidents [sic] per mile where CalTrans and Eureka might look at the problem some more.” Also this week, a driver hit and killed a pedestrian in Orleans.

Arcata Housing Workshop Next Week
The City of Arcata is looking for input on “options to meet our growing housing needs.” The location of housing has a lot of influence on what transportation choices people make.

Weekly Street Story Update
As of this week, there are more than 400 Humboldt County reports on Street Story! CRTP is pleased with the participation so far and will be using the data to advocate for safety improvements on local roadways. You can make your Street Story report here.

Senate Transportation Bill Is More of the Same
The first federal transportation funding bill to make it out of committee includes a few small nods to the climate and safety crises, but mostly sticks to funding more highways for cars. As usual.

A Call for “Universal Streets”
The American Society for Landscape Architecture has released new guidelines that call for streetscapes designed for universal accessibility. The new guidelines go beyond the complete streets paradigm to focus on people with disabilities as well as ecological design and spaces for socializing.

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Free Rural Transit Works!

The Collector

September 13, 2019

Arcata Committee to Hold Annual Parking Meeting
Maybe the Transportation Safety Committee should focus more on places to park our bikes and our rear ends than our cars. Whatever your opinion, come out on Tuesday and let them know.

Local Climate Strike Activities Next Friday
Transportation is our largest local source of greenhouse gas emissions – so go to the rallies by foot, bike, bus or carpool.

Free Rural Transit Works!
A locally produced, widely syndicated podcast is out with a new episode talking about the challenges of rural transit systems and how going fare-free can help. The episode features an interview with CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske.

Another Weekend, Another Car Show
Our local (and national) love affair with cars was on full display in Eureka this week.

Caltrans Has a New Director
In a major departure from tradition, he has a background in urban planning and active transportation rather than traffic engineering. He’s even on the Board of Directors of advocacy group America Walks. Could this be a turning point for the historically car-centric agency?

Weekly Street Story Update: Herrick Avenue
The entirety of Herrick Avenue, and about half of the intersections along it, have been reported as hazards in Street Story over the last few months. Planners take note. You can make your Street Story report here.

California Has Too Much Parking and Not Enough Housing
State policymakers and local advocates have been reduced to advocating for safe overnight parking spaces for people who live in their cars. Meanwhile, some forward-thinking trail advocates are considering how to design trails that meet the needs of the houseless as well as the housed.

Transportation Bills At the Deadline
Today is the last day for the California legislature to pass bills this session. Here’s a sampling of some of the bills we’ve been following and their current status: So far, the Caltrans complete streets bill, the bill requiring Caltrans to develop a strategy for heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions reductions, and the bill allowing Amtrak to run buses independent of its trains have passed the legislature and are on the governor’s desk. The bill making electric bikes and bike shares eligible for old car trade-in rebates in some parts of the state has already been signed by Newsom. Meanwhile, this session’s follow-up bill to the Great Redwood Trail Act has been shelved, apparently by mutual agreement of stakeholders as the administration continues carrying out the first steps required by the Act.

Will a Horrific Crash Move the Needle on Bike Infrastructure in New Orleans?
Advocates say it could be a world-class biking city if its streets weren’t so dangerous.

Electric Pick-up Start-Up Getting Loads of Capital
National Drive Electric Week starts tomorrow. Will Rivian successfully produce electric versions of America’s beloved pick-up trucks and SUVs? Is this where we should be putting our cash anyway?

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