To the EaRTH Center and Beyond

The Collector

August 12, 2022

To the EaRTH Center and Beyond
Local clean energy guru Peter Lehman, who recently helped win a huge state grant for Eureka’s planned transit hub and zero-emission buses, will give a virtual talk next Monday (co-sponsored by CRTP) about the future of zero-emission transportation on the North Coast. Click the link above to register.

Arcata Gateway Workshop Next Week
This week, for the third meeting in a row, Arcata Planning Commissioners talked for hours about design standards in the draft Gateway Plan but came to no conclusions. In this context of endless meetings with no clear progress, it is unsurprising that public participation has been minimal and limited to the same handful of people saying largely the same thing over and over again. CRTP and our allies warned of this result months ago. But inexplicably, opponents are now pitching the idea of starting over with another new committee to hold yet more meetings as a way to encourage more people to participate. Color us skeptical. What’s needed is not more delay, but urgent action to address our dire housing, climate and transportation challenges. We hope that next Tuesday’s form-based code workshop will help educate the public and build support for quick action on the Gateway Plan.

New Pedestrian Crossing on Broadway!
It’s up and running, providing a critically needed safe crossing between signalized intersections. This landmark improvement is thanks in part to the advocacy of CRTP, our members and allies.

CRTP and Allies Respond to Planning Commission’s Fish Farm Approval
We’ve won some major improvements to the project, but we still have concerns. Check out the full statement for details.

Funds for Local Projects on State Transportation Commission’s Agenda Next Week
The CTC will consider approving funds for the initial design stages of long-awaited projects to improve bike and pedestrian safety at the Sunset/LK Wood intersection in Arcata and the 12th Street interchange in Fortuna, as well as some accessibility and pedestrian improvements on Broadway and 5th Street in Eureka, and pedestrian upgrades in Rio Dell.

Hey you! Yes, you.
Have you experienced a near-miss, collision, or hazardous location on a local street or highway? Report it today on Street Story, so CRTP and others (including the government agencies in charge of our streets) can help identify the spots most in need of safety improvements. La versión en español está disponible aquí. 

It’s the Biggest Climate Legislation Ever, But It Still Doubles Down on Cars
Transportation is our country’s biggest source of climate-harming emissions. We can reduce those emissions in two ways: switching to zero-emission vehicles and driving less. Experts say we need to do both. But the landmark climate legislation heading to President Biden’s desk pretty much only supports cars and trucks. Read one advocate’s reaction here.

Was the Hyperloop an Attempt to Distract from High-Speed Rail?
Or was it just a crazy idea like many others that Elon Musk has broadcast to the public without much consideration?

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