The Collector: Induced Demand and SB 1029

Induced Demand Anthem
The concept of induced demand is a favorite here at CRTP, and one that we think policy makers avoid to everyone’s peril. Apparently, a 73 year old Portland man felt the same way. Like a modern day wobbly protest song, civil rights anthem, or political Pete Seeger tune he he wrote and performed “Induced Demand” at a recent Portland City Council meeting. Let’s all hope it tears up the Billboard Top 40. Go ahead watch the video — the song starts at the 8:30 mark.

Great Redwood Trail Act on Life Support
SB 1029 that would convert the North Coast Railroad Authority railroad into a top notch trail is perhaps the most exciting transportation policy affecting the North Coast to be proposed in a generation. And it appears to be dying in committee after appropriation placed it in in their suspense file. Hey local decision makers/leaders, its time to come-to-bat for a bill that would revolutionize the region.

Paris Looks To Fund Expansive Free Public Transportation Systems
Paris is looking into creating extensive free public transit system for the city. While the proposal would be expensive , “There’s also the possibility that free-transit-for-all would make Paris so pleasant and easy to live in that it becomes irresistible to investors.” Let’s hope Paris had good rent control! It seems like the entire county of Estonia is looking into a similar proposal.

Bike = Future of Transportation
Yep. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Contrast with the dystopian Muskovite transportation future.

Arcata Energy Committee-TSC Joint Study Session Points to Big Changes
The city of Arcata hosted a joint study session between the Energy Committee and the Transportation Safety Committee that touched on two potentially relevant topics for fans of the Collector.

  • How to further ramp-up mode shift in Arcata. Arcata is considering replacing its goal of a 50% non-motorized modeshare (which council members found arbitrary and abstract) with more concrete policies like going trying to get Arcata upgraded to a “Gold” Bike city.
  • People’s Days on the Plaza. In conjunction with the Farmer’s Market and Arcata Mainstreet, Arcata is going to have several Peoples Days on the Plaza this Summer. The plaza will be closed to personal vehicles and music/activities will last from morning until evening. People’s days will probably commence in the next few months.