The Collector: California Needs to Drive Less, But the Transportation Commission Doesn’t Get It

Bike Lane Obstruction of the Week
This week, another version of a classic obstruction – hey, we see them so often biking around town, why not put a few more pictures in The Collector? Send your pictures of bike lane and sidewalk obstructions to

Joint State Transportation Meeting Reveals Major Disconnects
The first joint meeting between the Air Resources Board and the Transportation Commission received very little press coverage, but revealed stark differences between the agencies. While ARB board members, focused on meeting climate and air quality goals, pointed out that we need to significantly reduce driving in the state, Transportation Commissioners seemed to think that was impossible.

One More Week to Comment on Eureka General Plan EIR
Thank them for planning for dense infill development and better bike/pedestrian infrastructure, complain about their failure to reduce vehicle miles traveled… Just let them know what you think!

Arcata Plaza Closed to Cars Last Saturday
The Plaza was closed to cars for the farmers market and subsequent “Fairy Festival,” and guess what? The sky didn’t fall. In fact, people loved it!

Repainting the Bridge, or The Importance of Planning Infrastructure Maintenance
The North Coast Journal reviews how a poorly planned infrastructure maintenance project – in this case repainting the bridge connecting Scotia to Rio Dell – can seriously impact a local community.

SB 1 Repeal Would Have Big Impacts
Local governments, among others, are a little freaked out about how they’ll pay for transportation infrastructure if the repeal effort succeeds.

Cities Can Grow Cut Transportation Emissions… or Not
It all depends on the choices we make (and some things that most of us really can’t do much about).

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