Tackling the Climate Crisis in Humboldt

The Collector

March 22, 2019

HCAOG Board Weighs in on Low-Carbon Transit Projects
The Humboldt County Association of Governments also adopted the final state-mandated housing plan for the region this week.

Richardson Grove Back in the Courtroom
As usual, the courtroom was filled with opponents of the Caltrans project. The judge seemed sympathetic to opponents’ arguments, although a ruling has not yet been issued.

Tackling the Climate Crisis in Humboldt
The County is soliciting public input as it develops a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Meanwhile, local high school students hit the street this week to demand climate action. We know we don’t need to remind you that transportation is by far the biggest source of local greenhouse gas emissions.

Local Sea Level Rise Workshop Scheduled for Next Week
Lots of transportation infrastructure is at risk, particularly around Humboldt Bay.

Native American Pedestrians At Greatest Risk
A new study shows that a lack of adequate pedestrian infrastructure in and around tribal lands is one of the main reasons there is such a high death rate for Native people who are walking.

A Gender Disparity on Two Wheels
In most parts of the world, more men than women use bicycles for transportation. How can we change that?

Racist Autonomous Vehicles?
A new study finds that self-driving cars are less likely to identify (and thus avoid) pedestrians who have darker skin tones.

The Design Bible for Bike Infrastructure
A fascinating article about how an obscure design guide produced by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) helped push protected bike lanes into mainstream transportation planning practice. Meanwhile, the transit agency in San Francisco has voted for a new protected bike lane on one of the city’s major streets.

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