Changes on the Way for Some Local Bus Services

The Collector

March 29, 2019

Eureka Housing Workshop Planned
As we all know, the location and density of housing is one of the most important factors in determining transportation mode share. So there better be some transpo-nerds at this thing! Meanwhile, the County has more workshops planned for its General Plan Housing Element update, too.

Better Bus Service in Crescent City?
At its meeting next week, the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission will consider a resolution requesting state funds for revived Saturday service and a free bus pass program.

Bus Service Ending in Loleta Area
Meanwhile, the Humboldt Transit Authority Board heard this week that Tish Non-Village Transit, which has served the Loleta and Fernbridge area for the last three years, will be ending service soon. That’s because it has failed to meet a federal “fare box recovery” requirement, meaning not enough people are buying tickets or passes. HTA plans to adjust its Redwood Transit Service route to cover the area instead.

CRTP to Provide Bike Valet at Event
If you ride your bike to the 21st Annual Seed and Plant Exchange on Saturday, we’ll take it at the door and watch it for free.

Techno-Optimist Predicts End of Personal Car Ownership
Will cars just become too inconvenient for the average person in the face of easier, cheaper mobility options?

Congestion Pricing May Be Approved in New York
Perhaps appropriately, it would be the first US city to implement a charge for driving in the city center. Will San Francisco be next?

Germany Builds a “Bicycle Autobahn”
Great Redwood Trail, anyone?

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