Let’s Make a World Where We Don’t Care About Gas Prices

The Collector

September 9, 2022

Another Important Gateway Meeting Next Week
Arcata Planning Commissioners are expected to be asked to actually vote on recommendations for building heights and maybe other hot topics. Building heights are closely related to density, which is a key feature of any walkable neighborhood.

Bongio Must Go
CRTP joins many other local organizations in calling for Alan Bongio’s resignation or removal from the Humboldt County Planning Commission. His recent racist outbursts demonstrated clearly that he is both unfit for office and unable to apply the rules and regulations fairly and impartially.

Local Gas Prices Still in the News
What the media coverage fails to mention is that as a rule it’s cheaper to ride the bus, walk, bike, or charge an electric vehicle than to fill up a tank with gas. And it’s more fun too!

Eureka Planning Commission to Take on Coastal Zoning, EVs and Bike Parking
On Monday, Commissioners will review edits to the zoning code, including some intended to encourage more electric vehicle charging stations and bike parking. They will also hear a presentation about the city’s progress toward updating its coastal land use rules, which hopefully will bring the coastal parts of the city in line with the 2018 General Plan and zoning code overhaul that promote more walkable infill development.

Humboldt County Seeks Consultant on Measuring Changes in Miles Driven
Almost a decade after a state law required environmental reviews to measure the impact of new development on vehicle miles traveled (VMT), the county is finally trying to standardize the practice. In the interim, the way the county has applied the law to major projects like the McKay Tract subdivision and Nordic Aquafarms has been pretty disappointing. We hope the county selects a consultant who is up to the task of preparing reasonable and evidence-based standards.

We know you’ve experienced unsafe streets around here.
Report near-misses, collisions, and hazardous locations on Street Story. La versión en español está disponible aquí. 

Air Resources Board Proposes Deeper Reductions in Driving Statewide
Experts universally agree that we have to drive a lot less in order to meet climate goals. But the state board faces a challenge, since many of the measures that could replace driving with walking, biking or taking the bus are under local control.

Urban Highways Are Racist and Dangerous
Let’s get rid of them.

Car Culture Has Taken Over Our Brains
Why is it that when a road doesn’t allow cars but does allow all other users, we say it is “closed” rather than “open”?

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