Eureka Gets Funding for Long-Awaited Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The Collector

April 2, 2021

Have You Experienced a Personal Loss from a Traffic Collision?
Humboldt County is currently ranked as the most dangerous county in the state for pedestrians by the state’s Office of Traffic Safety. In Eureka alone, more than 130 deaths and serious injuries of pedestrians and bicyclists occurred in the last decade. CRTP is in the early stages of planning a memorial event to honor those whose lives have been lost.

We ask your help in contacting the families and friends of those victims who are willing to tell their stories, to bring the real people into focus beyond the statistics. Our approach is grounded in compassion for their suffering and loss. We seek not to reopen wounds but to provide an avenue for their voices and those lost to speak out and make a difference. Please join us is getting this message out as widely as possible. Those who wish to participate may contact Executive Director Colin Fiske at

Eureka Awarded Major Funding for Bike & Pedestrian Improvements
In a move that gave us hope this week, Caltrans announced that the city would receive nearly $4 million to implement the long-awaited North-South Multimodal Corridor Plan on H & I Streets and to build 18 improved pedestrian crossings on 6th and 7th Streets.

CRTP and Friends Discuss Humboldt’s Regional Transportation Plan Update
Check out the latest EcoNews Report.

Trees Slow Traffic and Improve Safety
That’s why we’re excited about the new street tree program along part of the Highway 101 corridor in Eureka. You can even sign up to adopt a tree!

The Infrastructure Bill’s Potential Impact on Humboldt County
Local officials speculate. We remind decision-makers: (1) There is a climate crisis and a safety crisis, and those should be prioritized in spending. (2) It’s not popular to admit it, but we will never overcome our long-term road maintenance deficits, because rural and suburban roads just don’t pay for themselves in new tax revenues.

A Hit-and-Run Conviction
The story is noteworthy because in the US, it is extremely rare for a driver to face serious consequences for hitting a pedestrian.

Huffman Grills Secretary Pete on Last Chance Grade
The perennially failing highway segment got a brief national spotlight last week.

Make your Street Story reports!
Local residents have reported 745 reports (and counting) on Street Story. La versión en español está disponible aquí. CRTP uses reports to advocate for change, and local agencies use them to apply for grants and prioritize improvements. Your reports are important!

The “Freedom to Walk Act”
This week we highlight a state bill that if enacted would revolutionize transportation law by essentially eliminating the crime of “jaywalking.” Jaywalking laws (and the term itself) were invented by the auto industry a century ago to institutionalize auto dominance by removing people from the traditional public space of the street. Enforcement has always been arbitrary and generally perpetuates racial and class inequities.

Single Family Zoning Is Racist
A general overview of its historical context and its ongoing perpetuation of inequity – and one woman’s crusade to eliminate the practice in Berkeley.

Huffman to USPS: Where Are the EVs?
Our North Coast Congressman calls out the Postal Service’s new long-term delivery vehicle contract for failure to provide a substantial increase in electric vehicles.

Housing, Transportation and Pollution Agencies to Hold Joint Meeting
The (legally mandated) semi-annual joint meetings of the California Transportation Commission, Air Resources Board and Department of Housing and Community Development are always interesting.

Study Shows That More Bike Infrastructure Led to More Biking in the Pandemic
In the immortal words of Billie Eilish: “Duh.”

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