County Told to Reduce Project’s Climate-Harming Emissions

The Collector

April 8, 2022

County Warned That McKay Project Must Be All-Electric and Provide Bus Passes
CRTP joined with several allies in telling Humboldt County that state law requires them to implement more climate mitigation measures for the suburban subdivision. The Board of Supervisors was slated to give final approval to the project this week, but it was removed from the agenda after the County received our letter.

Arcata Planning Commission to Continue Discussing Gateway Plan
On Tuesday, the Commission will hear from staff about the years-long process that led up to the current draft plan, and will discuss what that process should look like moving forward. If you, like CRTP, support the Gateway Area Plan and the extensive public process that city staff have already been conducting, we encourage you to show up and let them know.

Eureka Planning Commission to Hear CRTP’s Appeal of Broadway Project Approval
The project involves expanding and remodeling a commercial building on Broadway. Caltrans recommended sidewalk and driveway safety improvements at the site, but the City declined to require them. This certainly isn’t the biggest project to affect the corridor in recent years. But we think the City should take every opportunity – no matter how small – to improve safety on Broadway. The Planning Commission will hear our appeal on Monday.

Local Environmental Group Endorses Candidates for June Primary
The Redwood Coalition for Climate and Environmental Responsibility (RCCER) is endorsing Steve Madrone and Natalie Arroyo for Humboldt County Supervisor, Kimberley White for Arcata City Council, Juan Pablo Cervantes for Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters, and Adrian Kamada for District Attorney.

E-Scooters Coming to Eureka
The city has already signed a contract with Bird Scooters for a pilot program through the end of the year. CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske welcomed the introduction of a new low-carbon transportation option, but urged the city to ensure that parked scooters don’t block sidewalks (a common problem in other cities).

Urbanism, Infill, and Form-Based Codes
Check out the interview with planning expert Dan Zack on the latest episode of the EcoNews Report. And if you missed Dan’s talk last night sponsored by CRTP, let us know and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

Arcata Mayor Can’t Participate in Gateway Discussions
The news leaves the City Council increasingly short-handed as it looks to make the most important decisions about infill development and transportation infrastructure in many years.

Bike Lanes on the Samoa Peninsula?
The new infrastructure financing district has the potential to make it happen.

Make Your Reports on Street Story
Local advocates and agencies use your reports of the hazards, collisions and near-misses you’ve experienced on local streets to help make the case for safety projects. Local residents have made 910 reports so far. La versión en español está disponible aquí. 

Eureka’s Role in Creating Statewide Affordable Housing Restrictions
It could be argued that the city’s unsavory history adds to its moral responsibility to develop downtown affordable housing now.

The Importance of Land Use Policies for Fighting the Climate Crisis
The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) points out the critical role of dense, walkable and bikeable, transit-oriented development to our planet’s future.

Caltrans to Help People Out of Homelessness?
Senator McGuire announced this week that the state agency will be hiring thousands of “formerly homeless residents.”

Bill Would Require Caltrans to Build Wildlife Crossings
Our friends at EPIC are rallying support.

Advocates Urge Faster Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles
2035 won’t cut it.

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