Climate March, Trails Summit, Bike Rides and More!

The Collector

September 23, 2022

Global Climate March Today at 5pm on Arcata Plaza
Take part in a global day of action and hear what local youth have to say about the future of the planet.

Eureka City Council Puts Off Decision on W and Dolbeer Streets
Commenters were split for and against the proposed project. CRTP acknowledges that it’s natural for people to have concerns about changes to a street in front of an elementary school, and there are some design improvements that can and should be made. But we also believe that decisions like this should be based on evidence, and the evidence is clear that high-quality bike facilities and narrower streets increase safety for everyone, including kids.

2022 Humboldt Trails Summit Tomorrow
Hear about what’s going on in the local trail scene, including updates from Humboldt County Deputy Public Works Director Hank Seemann and State Senator Mike McGuire.

Take a “Good Neighbor Bike Ride” in Eureka
Join the good folks at Bike Party Humboldt and meet some new friends and neighbors.

Arcata Planning Commission to Try Working Through Gateway Issues
Next Tuesday, Commissioners will participate in an exercise to “identify concerns and solutions” related to hot-button issues like building height, community benefits and public engagement. We hope this exercise will finally result in some votes to start moving this important plan forward. In the meantime, check CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske’s recent op-ed in the Times-Standard explaining why parking is not – and should not be – a focus of the plan.

Humboldt Supervisors to Hear Nordic Aquafarms Appeal Next Wednesday
Among the issues raised by appellants is the likely undercounting of emissions from long-distance trucking to serve the massive facility.

Your reports help us advocate for safer streets.
Make a report on Street Story every time you see or experience a new hazard, near-miss or collision. La versión en español está disponible aquí. 

What Does PG&E’s Mess in Southern Humboldt Mean for Climate Action?
Local officials are sounding the alarm that the apparent moratorium on new electric hookups in the area could hamstring climate action, which requires electrification of buildings and vehicles. CRTP shares this concern. But we have also always known that electrification is not enough – we also have to reduce overall energy use, especially driving. This latest mess is a reminder that the climate crisis can’t be solved by just swapping out an electric machine for a fossil-powered one and continuing on with business as usual. Thankfully, driving less and lowering energy use have a lot of other benefits for health, safety, the economy and the environment as well!

Newsom Signs Bike Omnibus Bill!
The new law requires cars to change lanes (where possible) when passing a bike, allows bikes to follow pedestrian signals at intersections, prohibits local governments from requiring a bike license, and allows all e-bikes to use bike facilities by default. The governor also signed AB 2097 this week, which will prohibit parking requirements near high-quality public transit. The North Coast doesn’t currently have transit services that qualify, but hopefully we will in the future! Also signed into law was AB 1938, which makes it slightly easier to lower speed limits.

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