Residents Sue Over Eureka Parking Crater Plans

The Collector

December 13, 2019

Residents Sue County Over Parking Crater Plans
Now we know why the Supervisors delayed their property purchase plans last week. It turns out that current residents of the 1000 block of 4th Street would rather not be kicked out of their homes with no place to go so that the County can expand the jail and blast a parking crater into downtown. Who would have thought?

Supervisors Push Back on Traffic Fee
As we reported last week, Humboldt County is proposing a new development impact fee which would be used to pay to increase vehicular capacity on local roads. Supervisors Wilson and Madrone objected to the focus on cars, while other Supervisors picked up on realtor and developer objections to having to pay more to build. In the end, the Board directed staff to “talk to stakeholders” and come back with a new plan.

Give Your Feedback on the Town Center!
If you missed the latest meeting, or even if you were there, fill out the survey to tell the County that you want a walkable McKinleyville Town Center.

Health Clinic’s Transportation Impacts
The new Open Door center provides close to the minimum amount of required parking (that’s a good thing!) – and their plan still shows more land devoted to parking than to the actual clinic. But there’s still a lot they can do to encourage employees and clients to walk, bike and ride the bus instead of drive. Luckily, they’re working on that.

Local Resident Wants to Own a Bike Shop
The letter published in the Times-Standard from a currently incarcerated Eureka man is both heart-breaking and inspiring. It’s a story of bad circumstances and bad decisions with a dream of bicycles at the end.

Is Eureka’s “Moonshot” Program All About Transportation?
Examples provided of possible “moonshot” topics range from self-driving cars to drones e-bikes to buses to hyperloops. If we’re talking about big transportation goals, how about a 100% pedestrianized downtown?

Arcata Planning Commission Considers Housing Element
The new document is focused on infill housing development for active transportation and transit.

Weekly Street Story Update: McKinleyville
From the map of reports, it looks like far fewer McKinleyville residents have been using Street Story than Arcata or Eureka residents. McKinleyville has almost the same population as Arcata, but a fraction of the reports. And we know it’s not because the roads are safer! McKinleyville residents (and everyone else): You can make your Street Story report here.

CalBike Unveils 2020 Agenda
Check it out!

The Future of Electric Trucks in California
Is this how we’ll make our freight transportation system more sustainable?

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