Survey: Humboldt Residents Overwhelmingly Support Street Changes

The Collector

June 26, 2020

Survey: Local Residents Overwhelmingly Support Street Changes
The results are in from CRTP’s survey of Humboldt County residents. Here’s the short version: Compared to before shelter-in-place orders, people are walking and biking more than they’re driving, and a significant portion of people are having some trouble maintaining social distance while on the street. In response, large majorities support a local Slow Streets program (80%), new automatic walk signals to avoid “high-touch” surfaces (72%) and reduced parking requirements to allow outdoor dining and retail (90%). Respondents identified places that they have trouble social distancing and places they’d like to see Slow Streets. We plan to make sure our local officials respond to these requests. If you’re interest, you can also check out specific results for Eureka, Arcata, and unincorporated Humboldt County.

Arcata Issues Guidelines for Sidewalk, Parking Space Cafés
CRTP has been calling for cities to allow outdoor dining in parking spaces for months now, so that local restaurants can get enough business to stay open while keeping diners safely 6 feet apart. But we have concerns about Arcata’s guidance for outdoor dining on sidewalks, which will allow restaurants to leave as little as 48 inches of space between tables for pedestrians to pass. Given that diners will be eating and thus not wearing masks, this could force pedestrians to run a gauntlet of unmasked people less than 2 feet away to either side.

McKay Ranch Project Is a Suburban Subdivision from Another Era
The massive proposed development on the far edge of Eureka would include no bike or transit infrastructure or connections. Read CRTP’s full comments here.

Trinidad Rancheria Publicly Attacks Hotel Critics
Interestingly, the thing that Rancheria officials seem most angry about is an apparent attempt to deny funding for their proposed highway interchange, which in the past the Rancheria has denied is directly related to the hotel project. Rigorous research on the economic effects of new rural highway interchanges is limited, but generally they seem to stimulate local highway-serving development.

New McKinleyville Planning Grant Announced
At its meeting this week, the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee announced that the county has received a grant to support active transportation planning in McKinleyville – the result of two years of efforts by local advocates (including CRTP). Also at the meeting, it was announced that the release of architectural renderings of various future Town Center possibilities has been delayed – although probably not for very long.

Local Transportation Patterns Are Changing
Meanwhile, many experts around the world are ruminating on what changes will stick around when the pandemic is gone.

Fortuna Safe Routes to School Project Under Construction
Because some day kids will go back to school!

Reminder: Make Your Street Story Reports
If you see or experience a hazard, near-miss or collision on the street, make your Street Story report here. CRTP uses reports to advocate for change, and local agencies use them to apply for grants and prioritize improvements. Your reports are important!

Serving People and Communities of Color with Transportation Planning
One expert’s thoughts.

California E-Truck Rule Adopted
The new rule will require manufacturers to start phasing in zero-emission trucks to address air quality and climate concerns. On a related note, Congressional Democrats – including our own Rep. Huffman – have included electrification for US Postal Service delivery trucks in their transportation bill.

Tulsa Police Arrest and Assault Black Kids for “Jaywalking”
The kids were walking on the street in an area with no sidewalks.

New York Planners Want a New Bike and Pedestrian Bridge
A major piece of transportation infrastructure that’s not designed for cars? Imagine that!

The Racist History of Los Angeles Freeways
Critical information on the development of the state’s largest city.

CDC: Drive Alone to Avoid COVID…or Not
The federal government’s shifting guidance on how to get to work.

Electric Vehicles for Social Justice?
An energy expert argues that electrification can promote equity.

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