McGuire Named 2018 Responsible Transportation Champion

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities (CRTP) has named State Senator Mike McGuire the 2018 North Coast Responsible Transportation Champion for having the vision of a Great Redwood Trail and being the leading advocate for making the Trail a reality. McGuire is the inaugural recipient of the award, which will be given annually in the future.

“We have been honored to partner with the hard-working members of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities on the Great Redwood Trail,” said Senator McGuire. “The Coalition was one of the very first organizations to support the Trail, and I am grateful to work with them on creating this remarkable project here on the North Coast.”

The North Coast Responsible Transportation Champion award is given to a leader who furthers CRTP’s mission of “promoting transportation solutions that protect and support a healthy environment, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy economy on the North Coast.”

“Senator McGuire really made the Great Redwood Trail a central focus of his 2018 legislative agenda,” said CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske. “He coordinated with local stakeholders to write a great bill, and then he fought hard to get it through the legislature and signed into law. Senator McGuire truly deserves this award.”

Fiske continued: “Senator McGuire’s vision of the Great Redwood Trail checks all the boxes for CRTP and the Responsible Transportation Champion award. It will transform a failed rail line which has become an environmental liability into a low-impact corridor for zero-emission transportation. It will encourage healthy, outdoor, social activity for North Coast residents and connect people with jobs and other destinations in nearby communities. And it will be a premier destination for tourists whose spending will help our local economies thrive for decades to come.”