Driving Over the Climate Cliff

The Collector

December 7, 2018

More Driving is Pushing the Globe Toward Record Carbon Emissions
Normally, our top stories in The Collector are local ones. But this story is too important not to take the top spot.

Mobility on Demand in Humboldt
As we mentioned in last week’s edition of The Collector, the Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) met this week to start getting input on a plan for “mobility on demand” services in Humboldt County. CRTP attended and emphasized the importance of preventing private companies like Uber and Lyft from dominating the sector in Humboldt, as these services have been shown to increase vehicle miles traveled without increasing the mobility of underserved populations. One of the other main takeaways from the public comment was that there is still a large unmet (and unfunded) demand for access to high-quality, traditional fixed-route transit services.

Crescent City Active Transportation Project Changing
At its meeting this week, the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission weighed in on changes to a proposed multi-use trail along Sunset Circle. The changes are the result of landowners refusing to grant the right-of-way for some portions of the trail.

Self-Driving Armored Vehicles for Cannabis?
That’s the idea one Southern California company is selling.

Sidewalk Obstruction of the Week
Construction projects routinely block sidewalks without providing a safe detour for pedestrians. This one is particularly egregious, as it prevents any safe crossing of the street at a major intersection: both sides of the street have the sidewalk and crosswalk blocked with signs directing pedestrians to “use other side.” Note that the bike lane is also blocked. Send your pictures of bike lane or sidewalk obstructions to colin@transportationpriorities.org.

San Francisco Eliminates Minimum Parking Requirements
The Chronicle’s editorial board says it was about time. We agree.

Getting Back in the Saddle After the Paradise Fire
Chico Velo, the local cycling club in the Paradise area, is raising funds to help people who lost everything at least be able to ride a bike again.

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