Arcata Council Approves Roundabouts and Parking Reforms

The Collector

February 23, 2024

Arcata City Council Approves Sunset Interchange Project
The Council asked city staff to look into the concerns raised by CRTP and our supporters, including the need for separate pedestrian and bike facilities, and the need to eliminate the dangerous “slip lanes” that allow drivers to turn at unsafe speeds. Based on comments from city staff, we are hopeful that at least some of the changes we requested will be made.

At the same meeting, the Council also gave its blessing to the slate of new parking reforms included in the draft General Plan and Gateway Area Plan. We have worked hard to build support for these parking reforms, and we’re grateful for the Council’s support. Once implemented, the new policies will help reduce the cost of housing, create more walkable and transit-friendly neighborhoods, and reduce the unfair subsidy that non-drivers (and everyone else) currently pay to support car storage. Research suggests that reforms like these also have a pivotal role to play in reducing climate pollution.

If you want to help the City of Arcata with future plans and projects like these, we have good news – there’s an open position in the city’s planning department! Click here for more information.

Public Workshops on Future Eureka-to-CR Trail and Orleans Safety Project
Planning has begun on a proposal to extend the regional trail network from Eureka down to College of the Redwoods. CRTP has been participating in this planning as a stakeholder, and we’re very excited at the prospect of providing a safe way to walk or bike in this area, where currently people often have to use the highway for lack of any other options. You can find out more about the trail plan and provide input at a public workshop next Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the agricultural center (5630 South Broadway).

On the same evening, Caltrans will be holding a public workshop in Orleans about a proposed project to add bike and pedestrian safety features to Highway 96. We’re happy to see these issues being taken seriously in some of the region’s small rural communities!

Eureka to Make Crosswalks Safer With Red Paint
CRTP has been encouraging local jurisdictions to proactively comply with a new state law that bans parking within 20 feet of any marked or unmarked crosswalk – a simple but effective safety measure that improves visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. We’re happy to report that Eureka is doing just that, and is about to start painting red curbs near crosswalks!

In other Eureka news, the North Coast Journal reports this week that public meeting experts say the Eureka City School Board broke the law when it approved its shady deal to transfer the Jacobs campus to a mysterious new company. We’re reporting on this, of course, because the Jacobs property plays a central role in Rob Arkley’s anti-housing, anti-transit measure on the November ballot. We also learned this week that the Wiyot Tribe has taken a strong stance against that initiative. The tribe’s letter of opposition cites CRTP’s downtown parking lot map and says “cities should be for people, not cars.” We couldn’t agree more!

Street Story Reports Make a Difference
Local planners, advocates, grant writers and committees review Street Story reports when making decisions about safety improvements. Your reports are important! Make a report every time you experience a near-miss, a crash, or a hazardous location – or report a place you feel safe. La versión de Street Story en español está disponible aquí. 

News from Beyond the North Coast

Another Active Legislative Session for Transportation
Check out CalBike’s summary of bills recently introduced in Sacramento, which address critical topics ranging from Caltrans complete streets policies to minimum standards for bike facilities to intelligent speed assistance in vehicles. And while you’re there, take action to support prioritizing responsible transportation infrastructure in the state budget.

Cars Kill More Than 1.6 Million People Every Year
That is among the stark conclusions of a recent study that attempts to comprehensively assess the impacts of cars and automobility. Cars “have killed 60-80 million people since their invention,” the authors say, and “car harm will continue unless policies change.”

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