Supervisors Pass Climate Resolution, East-West Rail Scheme Revived

The Collector

September 14, 2018

Bike Lane Obstruction of the Week
Parked cars completely blocked the bike lane on Samoa Boulevard in Arcata recently, conveniently right next to a “No Parking – Bike Lane” sign. Thanks to reader Jen Kalt for submitting the photo! Send in your pictures of sidewalk or bike lane obstructions to

Supervisors Pass Climate Resolution
Supervisors unanimously voted for the resolution after scaling back the goal of 100% clean, renewable energy from the entire county to just County of Humboldt operations, at the insistence of Supervisor Rex Bohn. CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske was the only person at the hearing to mention transportation, the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the county.

East-West Rail: Somehow, It’s Still a Thing
The latest scheme comes with an interesting twist: a shady out-of-town financial firm asking local residents for money.

Eureka Loses Lawsuit Over Unsafe Street Conditions
A jury says they should have re-surfaced and re-graded the street. City staff point out that they just don’t have the cash to maintain all the streets in their jurisdiction.

Wildfire Closed I-5 for Six Days
Although local coverage didn’t mention it, Highway 101 becomes a major alternate route for trucking when I-5 is closed for extended periods. We wonder if anyone measured the change in local truck traffic.

Del Norte Supes Get Presentation on Prop 6 Impacts
It turns out that hundreds of millions of dollars in new gas tax money is going to the county, and will evaporate if Prop 6 passes.

Crash Plus Five-Car Pileup on Highway 101 Safety Corridor
Luckily, there were only minor injuries. One can only imagine how much worse this could have been with a higher speed limit.

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