There’s Still Time to Fill Out the Broadway Pop-Up Survey!

The Collector

June 9, 2023

There’s Still Time to Fill Out the Broadway Pop-Up Survey!
It’s important to show support for the kinds of bike and pedestrian safety improvements Caltrans is testing out, but also to provide critical feedback where it’s warranted. For example, we think it’s ridiculous that the proposed bike lane protection structures are made out of plastic and not designed to actually protect people on bikes from speeding cars. If you agree, take the survey or email and let Caltrans know!

Gateway Area Zoning Code Draft Released
The long-awaited form-based zoning code, which will implement the Gateway Area Plan, is now available for public review. As we’ve often said, the Gateway Plan is the most bike and pedestrian-friendly land use plan yet proposed in our region, and we’re scrutinizing the proposed zoning code to be sure it lives up to this high standard. Expect to hear more from us in the days and weeks to come. You can also check it out now and send your comments in to the Arcata Planning Commission, which will have its first discussion of the code next Tuesday.

Pedestrian Killed by Driver in Arcata
We mourn the death of Chad Macias and extend our condolences to his family and friends. Chad was killed in a hit-and-run collision on Highway 101. Despite the formal ban on walking on Highway 101 in Arcata, there is a high concentration of pedestrian fatalities, and it’s time to stop pretending people don’t walk there.

All traffic deaths are preventable, and it is a tragic state of affairs when a single county making it through one weekend without a death seems like a cause for celebration.

Free Bus Rides This Month in Arcata
If you’ve been wondering about the local bus system, this is a great opportunity to try it for free and get in the habit of using public transit! While you’re traveling around Arcata, you might also hop off the bus and onto a bikeshare bike, then let the city know about your experience.

Major Improvements Finally Coming to H, I, 6th and 7th Streets in Eureka
The much-needed bike and pedestrian safety improvements were approved years ago, and this week the city finally awarded a construction contract. These changes can’t come soon enough!

Keep on Making Those Street Story Reports!
Reports of hazards on the street, as well as near-misses and even actual collisions, help CRTP advocate for safety improvements and help local governments get safety grants. The more reports we have, the harder it is for decision-makers to ignore. You can even review reports other people have made if you want to advocate for safety improvements yourself! So make reporting on Street Story part of your routine. La versión de Street Story en español está disponible aquí. 

News from Beyond the North Coast

Save California Transit!
Many transit agencies across the state face a “fiscal cliff” as pandemic-era funding expires before ridership has fully recovered. The proposed state budget does not allocate enough money to save transit systems from potential collapse. While local agencies like the Humboldt Transit Authority do not face an immediate risk, more long-term funding is still desperately needed. There is still time to contact key decision-makers to support more transit funding in the state budget.

Transportation Bills Move Forward in Sacramento
Among the many measures which passed out of the Senate or Assembly recently are bills allowing the bike rolling “safety stop” at stop signs, requiring the alignment of transportation funding with climate goals, and banning parking within 20 feet of any legal crosswalk to improve visibility and safety.

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