Public Transit Workers Named 2023 Responsible Transportation Champions

Three Humboldt Transit Authority employees in the shop, the person in the center holding a plaque
HTA employees (L to R) Lee Miller, Cody Ferreira, and Dave Carter with the 2023 Responsible Transportation Champion Award.

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities (CRTP) has named the Humboldt Transit Authority’s drivers, vehicle service workers, mechanics and equipment technicians as the 2023 North Coast Responsible Transportation Champions. The annual award is given to locals who further CRTP’s mission of “promoting transportation solutions that protect and support a healthy environment, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy economy on the North Coast.”

The Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) workers are being recognized for their consistent, hard work providing crucial public transit services to our region under sometimes challenging conditions. This marks the first time that the award has been given to a group of people, rather than to specific individuals.

“HTA’s drivers, vehicle service workers, mechanics and equipment technicians are the people who literally keep the buses running every day,” said CRTP Executive Director Colin Fiske. “Our public transit system helps meet the mobility needs of the many local residents who can’t drive, including kids, seniors, people with disabilities, and people who can’t afford a car. And because private vehicles are the biggest source of local climate pollution, public transit is also a critical climate solution, providing low-carbon mobility throughout the region. None of this would be possible without the daily efforts of transit workers. HTA’s bus drivers, vehicle service workers, mechanics and equipment technicians are truly Responsible Transportation Champions.”

“All of us at HTA are committed to providing safe and effective service to our community, and we are honored to receive this recognition,” said Cody Ferreira, an HTA equipment technician and AFSCME union steward. “Our union drivers, mechanics, equipment technicians, and vehicle service workers take pride in offering an ever-expanding array of safe and environmentally-friendly transportation options across the region, and we hope to see everyone out on the route soon.”

Past recipients of the Responsible Transportation Champion award include: State Senator Mike McGuire, former McKinleyville Community Services District Director Mary Burke, former Humboldt County Association of Governments Executive Director Marcella May, Humboldt Transit Authority General Manager Greg Pratt and Transit Planner Jerome Qiriazi, and Caltrans District 1 Complete Streets team members Alexis Kelso and Joseph Caminiti.