Oakland Opening 74 Miles of Streets to Walking and Biking

The Collector

April 10, 2020

Local FedEx Drivers Worry About Safety and Spreading the Virus
More people staying at home leads to more package deliveries.

Oakland Opening 74 Miles of Streets to Walking and Biking
The streets will still allow car access for local residents, but will be “slowed” to allow safe use for bicyclists and pedestrians practicing safe social distancing. This is an easy and practical model for local communities on the North Coast to follow.

Loose Cows!
We thought you might appreciate some slightly less serious transportation related news for a moment. But really, if you’re on Highway 101 south of McKinleyville, watch out.

Less Driving Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Fewer Deaths
Drivers are speeding up in many places, leading to a disproportionate number of fatal crashes. Local data are not yet available.

Weekly Street Story Update: Stay Safe Out There
Ironically, while sheltering in place, more of us are walking and biking than ever before. Thankfully, car traffic is down, making the streets generally safer. But if you see or experience something dangerous, please make your Street Story report here.

Cities Continue Adapting to the Pandemic
The National Association of City Transportation Officials is maintaining a list of actions cities across the country – and a few internationally – are taking to support needed transportation system changes in a time of social distancing.

Stay-at-Home Is Just the Beginning of the Crisis for Transit Agencies
Funding sources for many agencies will likely crash along with the economy, and future ridership is a big unknown.

Testing of Driverless Cars Continues in Bay Area
A second company has been approved to put them on the road.

League of American Bicyclists Announces that May is Still Bike Month
Biking is still important during a pandemic!

Will Pattern of Reduced Commute Miles Stick Around After the Pandemic?
This could be “the end of work as we know it,” or just a temporary pause followed by an explosion of new driving when the economy recovers.

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