New Buffered Bike Lanes in Eureka

The Collector

May 3, 2024

Still Time to Register for Monday’s Parking Reform Webinar!
Monday at 5:30 pm, CRTP will be hosting a webinar featuring Tony Jordan, President of the Parking Reform Network. Tony is one of the most prominent speakers on parking reform in the US today, and we’re lucky to have him giving a talk for North Coast audiences. Join us to learn about “Revitalizing Space: The Hidden Potential of Parking Reform.” But be warned, once you see the truth about cheap and abundant parking, you’ll never be the same! Click here to register.

May Is Bike Month
It’s officially Bike Month, and as part of the Bike Month Humboldt Coalition, we’re celebrating with a lot of fun events. On Saturday (May 4th), you can participate in a Bike Rodeo and Clinic at Mad River Brewing in Blue Lake. Then on Sunday (May 5th), CRTP will be leading a Street Story-themed ride, starting at 11 am in front of the Creamery Building in Arcata. And Wednesday (May 8th) is National Walk, Roll or Bike to School Day! Check out the whole Bike Month calendar here.

New Buffered Bike Lanes on H & I Streets in Eureka
At long last, the new buffered bike lanes have been painted on H & I Street, reducing the number of car lanes and creating a safer facility for people biking – and for everyone else too! CRTP and many others advocated for this project for years, and we’re very excited to see it finally completed. If you’ve got questions about how to drive with the new street design, the city has posted some helpful information.

Share Your Street Story About Broadway, Harris or Henderson Street!
The City of Eureka will be hosting a special meeting about the proposed Sunset Heights multi-family development on Broadway between Harris and Henderson, on Tuesday, May 7th at 5pm. Click here for more information about the meeting. Street safety has always been a major concern in this area, and CRTP has worked hard to advocate for improvements. One way you can contribute to the conversation is by making Street Story reports!

With this new development, many more people will be living in this area – meaning more people on the streets. The City of Eureka should know the street conditions for those walking, biking, and rolling. What has been your experience traveling in this area? How safe or unsafe do you feel on these streets? What improvements do you think could be helpful? La versión de Street Story en español está disponible aquí.

A map shows dots and lines indicating reports of crashes, near misses and hazards in the area of Broadway, Harris and Henderson Streets in Eureka

News from Beyond the North Coast

Intelligent Speed Assistance Bill Gutted
We reported last week that SB 961, which originally would have required active speed assistance on new cars in California, was amended to only require passive assistance. In other words, instead of a system that actually prevents dangerous speeding, the bill would only require a system that lets a driver know when they are speeding. Now further amendments have been made to specify that drivers will only get a “brief, one-time signal” when they exceed the speed limit by 10 mph – basically ensuring that the system is easy to ignore and therefore useless. We continue to be amazed at the insistence of many legislators on protecting what they apparently view as a right to break the law by speeding, and their refusal to require widely available, inexpensive technology which would save many lives.

Roads Are the Biggest Threat to Endangered Red Wolves
Cars and trucks are not only one of the leading causes of death for people – they are also one of the leading causes of death for animals. In some cases the death toll is so extreme that it can lead to extinction.

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