Learn About Edible Plants by Bike!

The Collector

July 28, 2023

More on Parking and Housing in Eureka
The Eureka City Council will return to the topic of downtown parking at next week’s meeting and is set to finalize changes made last week to moderately expand and modernize the meter system. They will also discuss changing time limits on some blocks. Also on the agenda, continued from the previous meeting, is a report on the draft Waterfront Specific Plan.

Meanwhile, as Rob Arkley and cronies continue promoting their NIMBY Ballot Initiative to block affordable downtown housing, the California Highway Patrol is poised to purchase the old Jacobs school site – further undermining the initiative’s already silly argument that all the city’s new housing can go there instead of downtown. (Ironically, if the Jacobs campus were actually available for housing development, we would agree with Arkley that it’s a pretty good location – but that doesn’t negate the need for walkable housing downtown, too.)

Join Us to Learn About Edible Plants by Bike!
Next Thursday, join CRTP, the Northcoast Environmental Center, and Moon Cycles for a casual bike ride through the Arcata Bottoms to learn about local edible and medicinal plants. This is a great opportunity for people who want to get more comfortable on a bike, as well as folks interested in edible plants. Click the link above to register – we’ll even help you borrow a bike if you don’t have one!

Virtual Great Redwood Trail Workshop Next Week
Next Wednesday the Great Redwood Trail Agency is holding an online public workshop to get feedback on trail planning efforts. Meanwhile, progress has already begun on building one of the most exciting segments of the trail, which will finally connect Eureka and Arcata with a safe path for walking and biking!

This Person Gets It
After attending the annual AutoXpo, a Fortuna resident reflects: classic cars might be cool, but car culture is driving us toward planetary disaster.

Street Story Reports Help Us Advocate for Safer Streets
When we are advocating to improve a plan or project, we frequently look at the Street Story map to see what people have reported. Your reports give us better information about the need for safety improvements! So don’t forget to make a report every time you experience a near-miss, a crash, or a hazardous location. La versión de Street Story en español está disponible aquí. 

News from Beyond the North Coast

Some Downtowns Are Finally Welcoming Bikes Lanes and Pedestrianization
Call it enlightened self-interest from the business community.

How to Respond When Someone Bashes Bicyclists
CalBike provides a handy guide for those situations when you hear familiar phrases like “If only those crazy bicyclists wouldn’t…”

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