Important Hearing for Arcata Gateway and General Plan

The Collector

March 8, 2024

Important Hearing for Arcata Gateway Plan and General Plan
Next Tuesday evening, the Arcata Planning Commission will hold a hearing to collect public input on the Environmental Impact Report for the Arcata General Plan and the Gateway Area Plan. If you want to dig into the transportation-related details of the environmental review, you can click here to read CRTP’s comment letter.

Also on Tuesday, the Commissioners will review suggested minor changes to the plans themselves, including the changes recently suggested by CRTP. This might be one of the last times the Commission considers these plans before they go to the City Council for adoption. City staff have expressed support for many, but not all, of CRTP’s suggested changes.

Here’s the big picture: both the Gateway Area Plan and the updated General Plan set a new standard for responsible transportation planning in our region. Among many other important policies, these plans encourage walkable infill development, explicitly prioritize car-free living, adopt crucial parking reforms that will reduce housing costs and increase fairness for non-drivers, commit to safety over speed on all city streets, and recognize public transit as a civil right. Much of this important progress has been a direct result of advocacy by CRTP and our members and supporters! If you’re available Tuesday night, please show up and tell the Planning Commission you support the General Plan and the Gateway Area Plan, and remind them that both of these plans will lead to more environmentally friendly development in Arcata.

Welcome to CRTP’s New Outreach Specialist!
CRTP is pleased to introduce our new Outreach Specialist Kelsey Martin to all of our members and supporters. Kelsey will be especially focused on our Street Story program and on transit advocacy. If you see her out and about in your community, please say hello! Here’s a note from Kelsey:

“I attended Humboldt State as an Environmental Science major focusing on energy and climate. Some of my previous work history has been in Zero Net Energy Affordable housing and with the City of Arcata’s Environmental Services department. I am passionate about creating a healthy, safe, and supportive community for people from all backgrounds and circumstances. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to advocate and improve our North Coast’s public transit and non-car transportation availability. Walk, bike, and roll!”

Early Opportunity to Give Input on Eureka Slough Bridge Replacement
Caltrans plans to replace the twin bridges just north of Eureka starting in 2029. The new bridges are planned to include separated bike and pedestrian facilities, which will be a major safety and mobility improvement. You can get more information and provide input at a public scoping meeting next Tuesday evening (if you’re not already attending the Arcata Planning Commission meeting that night!). You can also find contact information here for emailing comments to Caltrans staff.

Hydrogen Buses Are Coming to Humboldt
The Humboldt Transit Authority is investing in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles as it looks to transition to zero-emission buses that can handle the long distances and challenging terrain in our region. Learn more on the latest edition of the EcoNews Report.

A Week of Car Crashes
Normally, we focus our attention on crashes that affect the most vulnerable road users – people walking, biking and rolling. But sometimes, like this week, we are violently reminded that people inside vehicles are also at great risk on local roads. On Saturday, a car crashed through a storefront on Eureka’s Broadway; it appears to be just good luck that no one was injured or killed. The same day, another driver sustained life-threatening injuries after crashing on Highway 101 north of Eureka. Then on Tuesday, a crash in Fernbridge left a teenager dead and another person seriously injured. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends.

Street Story Reports Make a Difference
Local planners, advocates, grant writers and committees review Street Story reports when making decisions about safety improvements. Your reports are important! Make a report every time you experience a near-miss, a crash, or a hazardous location – or report a place you feel safe. La versión de Street Story en español está disponible aquí. 

News from Beyond the North Coast

Los Angeles Voters Mandate Bike, Pedestrian and Transit Improvements
The state’s biggest city will now be required to implement its own plans calling for comprehensive bike and pedestrian safety upgrades as well as public transit improvements.

Support More Complete Streets Funding!
The California Transportation Commission is developing next year’s budget, and CalBike is leading a campaign to get more money for bike, pedestrian and transit infrastructure. Click the link above to take action.

New Bill in Congress Would Help Reduce Climate Pollution from Transportation
The GREEN Act, introduced by Senator Ed Markey, would require states to set targets for reducing miles driven and climate pollution from transportation, and would require reporting on the environmental justice impacts of highway expansion projects. The North Coast’s own Congressman Huffman is expected to introduce a companion bill in the House of Representatives.

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