CRTP Delivers Plaza Petition with Over 500 Signatures

The Collector

January 18, 2019

Plaza Petition Calls for Prioritizing Non-vehicular Users
CRTP delivered the petition with 518 signatures to the City of Arcata’s Plaza Improvement Task Force at its meeting Thursday. The Task Force is still collecting additional public input through its online survey, so fill it out if you haven’t already!

The Village is Back
The City has scheduled a January 30th meeting to discuss a revised version of The Village. This time it’s not student-only housing, and HSU isn’t involved. This latest news begs the question: could Arcata’s The Village project pull off a better plot twist than the 2004 M. Night Shyamalan movie of the same name?

Humboldt County Rezoning Process Continues
The results could have a big impact on the density (or lack thereof) of future development. The county’s transportation future may hang in the balance.

A New Face, and a New Perspective, on the Humboldt County Planning Commission
New Commissioner McCavour mentions the connection between density, wildland development, and greenhouse gas emissions. Can we be forgiven for hoping that she might move the Commission in a more enlightened direction?

New Electric School Bus Hits the Streets
The first of several to be delivered to local districts. Cool!

Sidewalk/Bike Lane Obstruction of the Week
We saw plenty of bike lane and sidewalk obstructions this week. But the rain discouraged us from getting out our cameras, so you’ll just have to take our word for it. Don’t let this space go empty again – send your pictures of bike lane or sidewalk obstructions to!

New Bill Would Bring “Complete Streets” Framework to State Highways
Senator Scott Wiener continues his crusade for better transportation planning.

Study Shows Importance of Land Use Patterns in Transit Use
Why aren’t more Americans riding transit? Because houses, jobs, or both aren’t close enough to high-quality options. But we can change that.

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