Council Blocks The Village, Rail-Trail Bill Heads to Governor

The Collector

August 31, 2018

With The Village in Limbo, Future Infill Development Uncertain
Nearly a year after it first came before the Arcata Planning Commission, The Village student housing project has been effectively denied by the City Council…probably. With 2 votes in favor, 2 abstentions, and one recusal, questions have been raised about whether the motion to move the project forward actually failed or not, but City Attorney Nancy Diamond insists that it did. If so, some readers of local tea leaves predict that HSU may now try to side-step city jurisdiction altogether by buying the property and proceeding with the project on its own. At the same time, opponents of The Village now insist that they plan to move forward with an alternative development of their own on the site, although it remains unclear who would finance or build it. Whatever comes next will have a major influence on future infill development patterns (and thus transportation patterns) in Arcata.

SB 1029 Heading to Governor in New Form
No longer known as the Great Redwood Trail Act (it’s now the “NCRA Closure and Transition to Trails Act”), McGuire’s bill passed the Assembly yesterday and as of this writing is heading for a final vote in the Senate before heading to Brown’s desk. While significantly scaled back from its original form, the bill still lays the groundwork for an eventual conversion of the North Coast Railroad Authority’s 300-mile-long right of way into a regional trail system.

Rancheria Hotel Plans Get Scrutiny
But the proposed new Highway 101 interchange connected to the development – which would be one of the biggest transportation infrastructure projects in the area in years – gets little press.

Local Church Incentivizes Walking, Biking, and Carpooling
It’s not just what you do at your chosen house of worship – how you get there counts, too!

Are Electric Scooters the Future of Urban Transportation?
The answer is a definite maybe.

Container Ship Emissions Reductions Slowing Down
An important progress report on efforts to clean up the global freight transportation system.

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