State Senators Visit Humboldt Port

Instead of widening and straightening our roads for oversized trucks, investing in responsible marine transportation could be an economically and environmentally superior way to move freight in and out of the North Coast.  From the Times-Standard:

“State Sen. Mike McGuire underlined the importance of Humboldt Bay to the local economy on Friday, as he shared some of Humboldt County’s marine-based economy with legislative leaders on the issue of the state’s ports….

Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioners Richard Marks and Mike Wilson said they were grateful for the opportunity to meet face-to-face with legislators that have sway in the area of ports….With the expansion of the oyster industry — the only exporter of oyster spat (baby oysters) — and the repurposing of the pulp mill in Samoa, Marks underlined the bay’s importance.

“We are the economic driver of Humboldt County,” he said.

Wilson said Humboldt Bay embodies more than just diversification.

“It’s about sustainability,” he said….”

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