Pedestrian-Friendly Streetscapes Out of General Plan

Apparently the majority of our Humboldt County supervisors have now decided that “pedestrian friendly streetscape” requirements don’t belong in our general plan. This is a disappointing decision at a time when we should be doing everything we can to prioritize walking and other healthy, community-building, low-impact modes of transportation.  From the Mad River Union:

“In response to lobbying from housing developers, county supervisors have revisited several General Plan Update decisions…

Reconsideration of a policy calling for pedestrian-friendly streetscapes also stirred debate. The policy encourages “pedestrian-friendly residential design” through techniques such as using alleys and courtyards to minimize street-facing driveways and minimizing street-level views of garages….

Supervisors voted to delete the policy, with Lovelace dissenting….”

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