Job Announcement: Outreach Specialist

Job Title: 
Outreach Specialist

Reports to:
Executive Director

Based in Arcata, California, with flexible remote work and some travel around the North Coast region.

About the Position:
The Outreach Specialist at the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities (CRTP) will primarily focus on two projects: (1) Public education and promotion of the crowdsourced traffic safety platform Street Story on California’s North Coast; (2) Organizing public transit riders in the region and advocating for improved transit systems. The Outreach Specialist will also perform some outreach work for other CRTP projects. Throughout all of their work, the Outreach Specialist will center equity and work to empower people in zero-car households, as well as people who are forced into car dependency they can’t afford by a lack of access to high-quality transit, to engage in the processes that impact their ability to get around.

Street Story Outreach
Safety and comfort are prerequisites for any form of transportation. Most areas of the North Coast lack safe, comfortable and complete bike and pedestrian facilities. Thus, people who rely on these modes of transportation are exposed to unacceptable risks, and people who have access to a personal vehicle are unlikely to choose to walk or bike. Making safety improvements requires compelling data and documentation, which is where the Street Story program comes in. Street Story ( is an online platform developed at UC Berkeley which allows anyone to quickly and anonymously report crashes, near-misses, or hazardous locations on the street, and provides public access to the resulting data. The Outreach Specialist will use grassroots strategies as well as traditional media and social media to promote Street Story reporting among residents of Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties, including through active public utilization of information from the more than 1,000 reports already made in the region.

Transit Organizing
Building a more robust and effective public transit system on the North Coast is a key strategy for improving transportation equity, fighting climate change, and strengthening community resilience and economic development. Public transit should serve the needs of people with limited mobility options through a system that provides enough comfort, convenience, and dignity to also attract riders who do have other options. The Outreach Specialist is responsible for building grassroots power among existing transit users to determine current transit needs, envision solutions, and collectively advocate for them. They will educate and mobilize existing transit users to advocate for solutions to current transit needs while also looking forward and advocating for transit-oriented development and land-use planning that centers transit access and mobility.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Street Story Outreach

  • Create and implement an outreach plan to promote the use of Street Story.
  • Create outreach materials as needed, including reports and other materials based on Street Story reports already made.
  • Collaborate, build and maintain relationships with agencies, organizations and individuals who can influence Street Story reporting and use of Street Story data.
  • Regularly attend local and regional government agency meetings to stay up to date on local issues, promote Street Story reporting, and ensure Street Story reports are being considered in decision-making.
  • Demonstrate the importance of Street Story by using data from Street Story reports in public education relevant to proposed projects, plans and programs.
  • Keep records of contacts and build long-term relationships between community members and CRTP to support ongoing Street Story use.
  • Provide regular project updates and reports to the Executive Director.

Transit Organizing

  • Create and implement an outreach plan to educate and mobilize current transit users.
  • Create outreach materials as needed, both for organizing current transit users and for public education about the key role of transit in both equity and climate action.
  • Conduct surveys, listening sessions and community meetings as necessary to solicit input and build leadership among transit riders.
  • Build and maintain relationships with community organizations that serve transit-dependent populations, including those who work with people with disabilities, students and older people.
  • Stay up to date on current policies, regulations and land-use planning that affect local transit systems.
  • Work with CRTP staff and partners to monitor local land use plans and development projects and advocate for transit-related improvements.
  • Regularly attend Humboldt Transit Authority, Redwood Coast Transit Authority, and Trinity Transit meetings to stay up to date on local issues and advocate on behalf of transit riders, and maintain working relationships with agency staff.
  • Keep records of contacts and build long-term relationships between transit riders and CRTP to support ongoing education and advocacy.
  • Provide regular project updates and reports to the Executive Director.

Additional Duties

The Outreach Specialist will also conduct other outreach and/or organizing work as required by the organization.

Position Duration, Hours and Schedule:

The Outreach Specialist is an exempt, one-year, grant-funded position. It will involve a combination of office and remote work, with a flexible schedule. The Outreach Specialist will work 40 hours/week, as follows:

  • Approximately 24 hours/week on Street Story promotion and outreach.
  • Approximately 12 hours/week on transit organizing (including at least 1.2 hours/week on Del Norte County issues and 1.2 hours/week on Trinity County issues).
  • Approximately 4 hours/week on other CRTP outreach and organizing work.

Pay and Benefits:

The Outreach Specialist will be paid $50,000/year. The position does not come with benefits.

Experience and Qualifications:


  • One year of experience in grassroots organizing, outreach or other campaign work.
  • Knowledge of and experience riding public transit.
  • Experience and openness working with diverse groups of people.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets, email, social media, and video conferencing programs.


  • Two years of experience in grassroots organizing, outreach or other campaign work.
  • Education and/or training in the areas of local government, transportation planning including safe and accessible walkability, and/or land use planning.
  • Knowledge of and experience riding local/regional public transit on California’s North Coast.
  • Knowledge of and experience riding a bicycle, other micromobility device, or assisted mobility device.
  • Proficiency with graphic design and/or video editing.
  • Proficiency with spatial data analysis, including geographic information system (GIS) programs.
  • Proficiency in another locally used language such as Spanish or American Sign Language (ASL).

To Apply:
Email with cover letter, resume, writing sample and 2-3 references. Application deadline Wednesday, February 7, 2024.