Times-Standard: New tax proposal to care for roads moves forward

Key to the discussion over local road funding is this often neglected fact: Even if the new tax is approved by voters, it will make only a small dent in the large and growing local infrastructure deficit.  We will still have to make tough choices about our transportation spending priorities.  So while the two-thirds support for a sales tax grabs the headlines, another of the survey’s findings may be even more important: Humboldt County voters overwhelmingly believe that fixing and maintaining local roads is the most important goal, while support for expanding the system – widening roads and bridges or building new roads – is extremely low.  Local policymakers should take note.

From the Times-Standard:

“‘Voters want a local source of funding to address transportation issues, but are not overwhelmingly confident funds from a local sales tax would be spent well,’ [pollster Miranda] Everett told the [HCAOG] board. The board has estimated the proposed tax would bring in $200 million over its 20-year lifespan.”

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