Our Priorities

Fund new infrastructure projects that support healthy, livable, sustainable communities.

Transportation infrastructure plays a critical role in deciding the fate of local communities as well as the global climate. When we build new infrastructure today, it should be with the goal of supporting safe, environmentally sustainable, community-building modes of transportation. We need to build infrastructure that supports a transportation mode shift – away from single-occupancy cars and trucks and toward walking, bicycling, mass transit, and responsible marine transportation. And we need to plan for the transportation technologies of tomorrow, including electric and autonomous vehicles.


Ensure needed maintenance and repair of critical existing transportation infrastructure.

For many years, our state and our nation have built more and bigger infrastructure than we can afford to maintain. On the North Coast, the rugged and unstable terrain combined with the age of our roads and bridges make this problem particularly acute. Our crumbling roads and bridges put basic access for residents and emergency services at risk. Fixing these problems needs to be a top priority.


Cancel counterproductive road expansion projects.

We can no longer afford new infrastructure for the biggest fossil fuel-burning vehicles. The proposed Caltrans projects at Richardson Grove and on Highways 199/197 exemplify the kinds of projects that should be canceled. Thanks to the “Buckhorn Grade” project, the biggest trucks on the road now have two ways to enter Humboldt and Del Norte Counties—via US 101 from Oregon and Highway 299 from Redding. These projects would add two more segments to this STAA trucking network, inviting even more big trucks into our communities and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. These projects are expensive, unnecessary and damaging to our roads, communities and environments. They reflect outdated planning priorities, and they do not serve our local needs.