Arcata Modeshift Project

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The Arcata Modeshift Project

The Arcata Modeshift Project was created to advocate for policies, plans and projects which encourage mode shift in Humboldt County’s second largest city. From the campus of Humboldt State University to City Hall, there has been strong support for community-friendly and environment-friendly transportation ideas in the Arcata in recent years. Furthermore, the City’s size and layout lends itself well to active transportation and transit. This creates a lot of potential for mode shift, but there’s still a lot of work to do to help Arcata reach that potential. If you’re interested in helping with any of this work, contact us!

The Arcata Modeshift Project is currently advocating for a “living plaza” in Arcata. This effort exemplifies our belief that there is a deep connection between transportation and issues like civic health, the economy, the climate crisis, and human flourishing. By redesigning the Plaza to prioritize people over vehicles, and integrating additional family-friendly activities, we can make a more pro-social and environmentally responsible public space which helps support a thriving local economy. If you want to know more, check out the documents below.


“The Case for A Living Plaza in Arcata”

Letter to the Arcata City Council proposing specific changes to the Plaza